Medical Equipment Sales Representative

What is Medical Device Sales Rep?

A Medical Sales Representative is responsible for the promotion of the companies range of disposable and capital equipment in their territory.
Their role is to be the key contact for all customers in their region/territory

How can Medical Device Reps help customers?

Medical Sales Rep’s help customers by providing up to date information on the companies product range. They can also help regarding staff training and support Plus help with information on clinical studies and customer support for delivery of products.

How can Med Sales Academy courses help Medical Equipment Sales Representatives?

Attending a Med Sales Academy Sales or Clinical course can help a new Medical Device Sales Rep understand the industry and how the NHS & Private Hospitals purchase products & services
How do Med Sales Academy Clinical courses help a new Sales Representative? Our clinical courses help improve the knowledge of the new sales rep, including anatomy & physiology, product applications and support Plus much more.
Medical Equipment Sales Representative at work
Medical Equipment Sales Representative

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