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Med Sales Academy offer interactive courses based around Diagnostic and Surgical Ophthalmology.

Courses are run over 30 – 365 days and class sizes are kept small to maximise learning.

We can also offer bespoke courses for individual companies, hospitals or clinics

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Vitreoretinal Surgery

This course is designed to teach vitreoretinal surgery to aspiring surgeons and established surgeons alike. It is currently based on the second edition of an extraordinarily successful textbook Vitreoretinal Surgery, a text that in many areas has become the preferred manual of this surgery. Using the book as the basis of learning the participants will receive monthly live online face-face sessions with the author to discuss the learning from the various chapters over a one-year period.

12 months Online course with 12 Live Q&A with Prof Tom Williamson

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Intraocular Surgery

This course instructs postgraduate trainees in ophthalmology on the basic methodology required to perform intraocular surgery. It is based upon the book Intraocular Surgery a Basic Surgical Guide which investigates the common surgical required for any ophthalmological surgery. The subject material of each module has been carefully chosen to explain separate conceptual areas in surgery to allow easy understanding and rapid attainment of knowledge. The concepts can be transferred from one surgical method to another, giving the flexibility to adapt to new methods quickly. Using the book as the basis of learning the participants will receive monthly live online face-face sessions with the author to discuss the learning from the various chapters over a one-year period.


12 Month Course with 6 Live Online Q&A with Prof Tom Williamson 

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Vitreoretinal Disorders in Primary Care

Emergency ophthalmology is an area full of pitfalls for the unwary primary care practitioner. Vitreoretinal disorders make up most emergency sight-threatening conditions, and a wide and increasingly varied range of conditions of the eye present in primary care settings. This course is based upon the book Vitreoretinal Disorders in Primary Care. Learning will be based upon the book and regular monthly face to face sessions with the author will be provided to discuss the chapters in the book. 

12 Month online with 6 Live Q&A sessions with Prof Tom Williamson

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Biometry Course for Nurses

This course covers the essentials of Biometry including anatomy, measurement tips, understanding patients vision, Formulae, A constants and IOL selection


1 Day or Online 8 Modules 

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Biometry Course for Junior Drs and Consultants

This course split into 6 Courses covering a year. The main specialities of Cataract, Retina and Cornea are covered and the course is interactive so its fully supported over the 12 months. Cataract Diagnosics and Cataract Surgery are the first 2 Courses. Retinal Diagnostics and Disorders and Retinal Surgery are followed by Corneal Diagnostics and Corneal Surgery.

 Online 6 Courses over 12 months

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This course is aimed at anyone who wants to improve results and patient care by understanding how the shape of the cornea affects vision, caluclations and treatment.

Covering topography from the view point of the corneal clinic including mananging kerotoconus and understanding the Belin Ambriosio reports will start the course.  The course will also look at how topography is used in the cataract clinics; specifically with regard to Premium IOLs.

Suitable for Drs with an interest or technicians and nurses who want to understand the maps better.

1 Day or Online 8 Modules

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Ultrasound for Nurses and Technicians

Ultrasound is a complex discipline in Ophthalmology. This course seeks to demystify the techniques associated with it.

Warren Howell and Emma Deighan co-tutor on this interactive 30 day program. With a combined 40 years experience with Ophthalmology diagnostics, they will ensure all your questions are answered and that you feel comfortable with all aspects of Ophthalmology ultrasound. Covered on the course are A & B Scanning Plus the use of UBM systems. Understand how to optimize your ultrasound scanning equipment in order to obtain high quality diagnostic images, thus improving patient treatment and outcomes.

1 Day or Online 8 Modules

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Cataract Theatre Skills

This course covers the basics of Anatomy and Physiology along with an explanation of how the theatre. works. Also an understanding of Cataract Surgery, what instruments and pharmaceutical products are used and how to deal with any unplanned events.

1 Day or Online 8 Modules

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Vitreoretinal Theatre Skills

This course covers a refresher on the relevant anatomy and pathology. Different surgical techniques will be discussed. Getting ready for surgery, covering trolley laying up and instruments and equipment used will be run though. Course notes will be provided.

1 Day or Online 8 Modules

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Intravitreal Injection Course Theory

This course covers the theory of Intravitreal Injections. In recent years the volume of injections performed in the UK has increased and many trusts have set up nurse led clinics. This course seeks to provide the delegates with the theoretical knowledge required to work in a department. 

For practical training and supervised practice delegates should contact the relevant trust.

1 Day or Online 8 Modules

IVI Course


Tom H Williamson

Tom H Williamson

Course Tutor

Professor  Tom Williamson is a Senior Consultant  Ophthalmic Surgeon and Vitreoretinal Specialist based in London. He has over 34 years’ experience in both the NHS and private sectors and is considered a leading international authority in Vitreoretinal Surgery.

Professor Williamson’s NHS practice is based at St Thomas’ Hospital, London. He also consults patients privately at the London Claremont Clinic.

Professor Williamson is a Fellow of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists and is registered with the General Medical Council as a Specialist in Ophthalmology (GMC No: 2937540).

Emma Deighan

Emma Deighan

Course Tutor

Emma qualified as a dispensing Optician in 1990. She returned to the UK in 2000 to join Bausch and Lomb as an Application Specialist where she worked with the refractive products and the introduction of Wavefront technology to the UK.

Following that Emma worked with such companies as Carl Zeiss, Birmingham Optical and Spectrum preparing and delivering courses on Biometry, Optical Coherence Tomography and Refractive topics and was the   Pentacam Trainer for the UK for several years

Now running courses across the UK with Med Sales Academy, she is keen to offer training at any level in the world of Ophthalmology to support the whole clinic team.

Warren Howell

Warren Howell

Course Tutor

Warren started his medical career in the Military serving with the Royal Marines Medical Squadron and 40 Commando RM. He entered the Medical Sales Industry in 1990 and has worked at every level including National & International Management roles.
He is passionate about coaching, mentoring and developing talented, new Sales and Application people, which is why he co-founded the Med Sales Academy.

He has experience of working in Patient Monitoring, Cardiac Surgery, Nutrition/Body Composition, Ultrasound and Ophthalmology.

Andrew Partrick

Gaining a better understanding of the Medical Device Industry-who to see, how to see them, gaining access and improving general sales skills are all covered on this course

Ana Rita Pereira

Thank you for making the training session so interesting and fun.

Rebecca Howell

Now in industry, I appreciate how valuable Med Sales Academy was. I feel like the course gave me the skills and understanding of the industry to get me ahead at the interview stage. I’d thoroughly recommend it to anyone looking to secure a career in medical sales.

Mark Webber

I personally struggled when I started in Orthopaedic Sales, my scientific knowledge was there but I lacked the territory management skills to be effective. Back then I would have dearly loved to have the sort of insight and course that Med Sales Academy offer now.

Anna Dilger

The Med Sales Academy programme supported me in to the industry. Now, as a clinical applications specialist… I support the surgeons, nurses and theatre staff, train them on the equipment and make sure they feel comfortable using it.

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