Jobs In Medical Sales

What is Medical Sales?

Medical Sales is an industry specialising in the supply of medical equipment (both capital equipment & disposable products) and pharmaceutical products to the National Health Service, Private Hospitals/Clinics and Pharmacies

What jobs exist in Medical Sales?

Typical jobs in the Medical Sales industry include Sales Associate, Sales Representative, Territory Manager, Business Development Manager, Account Manager, GP Sales Representative, Regional Sales Manager, National Sales Manager, Product Manager, Marketing Manager, Clinical Applications Specialist, Clinical Nurse Specialist, National Account Manager, Field Service Engineer, Service Manager, Customer Service Representative and Sales Director

How to find Medical Sales Jobs?

Jobs in the Medical Sales industry are advertised on the recruiting company website, advertised by retained recruitment companies, usually on LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor etc.
There are also some specialist jobs boards. Some of the companies employ Talent Acquisition Specialists whose roles concentrate on sourcing and recruiting new talent in the parent company. LinkedIn is a very popular way of finding roles in the Medical Sales industry

Best jobs in Medical Sales?

This depends on your preference, if you want to travel daily a Sales Associate, Sales Rep or Territory Manager role would be perfect for you
If you prefer to work from an office or at your home office, maybe a Product Manager or Marketing role would suit you?
If man management appeals to you, you could be really successful as a Regional or National Sales Manager – managing a team of Sales or Application Specialists.

How much are the salaries in the Medical Sales Industry?

A Sales Associate straight from University should expect to start on a salary between £27 – 32K
Sales Rep salaries range from £34 –42K
Field Service Engineers can earn between £35-£42K
Regional Sales Managers typically earn £50K plus
National Sales Managers £70K plus
Product Managers £40 – £55K depending on experience
Marketing Managers £60K plus
All roles will attract a bonus but direct sales roles attract the best bonus with £10 -£50K per annum depending on whether you are selling disposable or capital equipment.

How does Med Sales Academy help you find a role in the Medical Device Industry?

Med Sales Academy provides online courses on how to prepare yourself, for the interview process, involved in entering the industry.
Our courses enable you to perform competently at interview, as we teach you how the NHS purchases equipment & pharmaceuticals. We help you to understand the roles within the industry and how a typical working day will be structured. The whole course is focused on helping you secure a lucrative role in the Medical Sales Industry.

Jobs In Medical Sales
Jobs In Medical Sales - Med Sales

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