Ophthalmic Technician

What is an Ophthalmic Technician? What do they do?

An Ophthalmic Technician carries out tasks that support an ophthalmologist, usually prior to a patient undergoing eye surgery.
Those tasks can include, vision testing, OCT, ultrasound, biometry, instilling drops, measuring intraocular pressures and generally supporting the patient during their pre- operative and post-operative journey.

Why train to be an Ophthalmic Technician?

A role as an Ophthalmic Technician can be very rewarding. You will work with a wide variety of patients, who will be attending your hospital or clinic for eye surgery.
You will be responsible for carrying out key, essential vision tests, imaging &measurements. You will be expected to most accurate in your work as these tests/measurements will influence the type of products used for the eye surgery.
There is generally a high demand for Ophthalmic Technicians across the UK & Ireland

Salary Range for Ophthalmic Technician

A trainee Ophthalmic Technician can expect to earn £22K per annum Ranging to £42K a Senior Ophthalmic Technician in the NHS or Private Clinics

What do Ophthalmic Technician courses involve?

Generally an Ophthalmic Technician will study Anatomy & Physiology of the Eye, Visual Acuity Testing, Instilling Eye Drops,Ishihara Colour Vision testing, measuring intraocular pressures, measuring visual fields, focimetry testing, measuring height & weight,using OCT Imaging Systems, taking Biometry (measuring powers for intraocular lens implants) using Ophthalmic Ultrasound Systems

How can Med Sales Academy help Ophthalmic Technicians?

Med Sales Academy provides easy to access online & face to face training courses for Ophthalmic Technicians, Courses include Anatomy &Physiology,Biometry, Ultrasound, Visual Fields, Retina & Cataract.

What Eye Training courses are the most popular at Med Sales Academy?

Our most popular courses are Biometry, Cataract Theatre Skills, Vitreoretinal Theatre Skills & Ultrasound.

What other courses do Med Sales Academy Clinical offer?

We also offer Visual Fields, Topography, Basic Glaucoma Anatomy & Physiology & Introduction to Ophthalmology

Do Med Sales Academy work with the NHS?

Yes we regularly provide online & face to face courses to the NHS in the UK
We have around 30 NHS Trust that have used us to train their staff.


Is a surgical sub speciality within medicine that deals with the diagnosis & treatment of eye disorders.

How do Med Sales Academy help in the Ophthalmology speciality?

Med Sales Academy help to train Ophthalmologists, Ophthalmic Technicians, Ophthalmic Nurses & Healthcare Assistants & Ophthalmic Imagers by providing online & face to face courses. These courses help to provide essential training in order to support all the general areas of ophthalmology including Cataract, Retina, Glaucoma & Ocular-plastics.

Why would someone attend a Med Sales Academy clinical course?

You might attend a Med Sales Academy course if you are brand new to the Ophthalmology speciality.
You may be a Nurse moving from a different speciality
You may be a brand-new trainee Ophthalmic Technician
Your staff may need to improve their Biometry, Ultrasound or Topography skills
You may be a Nurse or Healthcare Assistant moving from clinic to the operating theatre so would need to attend our online or face to face Cataract or Vitreoretinal Theatre Skills courses
You may be an Ophthalmologist who wants to improve your Vitreoretinal, Ultrasound or Topography skills

How are our courses structured?

All of our courses are online and consist of 8 x 45 minute online sessions delivered twice a week for 1 month or 2 days online 10am til 3pm.
Each module is delivered by a highly experienced Tutor, with over 25 years experience in Ophthalmology.
We provide case studies during the course & there is short informal test prior to each module, to confirm learning.
We also offer 1 or 2 day face to face on site courses Which can be customised for each client.
We also have a 1 year supported & coached course for junior Ophthalmologists which is based on one of the top Vitreoretinal Surgery text books with online coaching from the Author

What is an Ophthalmic Technician?
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